Corporate Philosophy
Basic Management Philosophy
- Supply products that contribute to the betterment of society
- Establish business relationships based on mutual trust
- Maintain and enhance the quality life of employees and their families
President and CEO
Hideo Taira
Massage from the President

The HOKUSHIN Group is likely to continue to encounter a difficult operating environment due to factors such as the high cost of crude oil, foreign exchange movements and the uncertain outlook for Japanfs housing market.
In response, the Group will work on improving corporate earnings by reducing manufacturing expenses while maintaining and enhancing the quality of its products with regard to water resistance and durability.Concerning sales, the Group is specializing in value-added products featuring outstanding water resistance and low formaldehyde content. The goal is to further increase sales activities targeting the general-purpose housing and the furniture market. Another goal is to target rising demand for structural products by establishing ties with power builders, developers and others in order to capture a larger market share.
Furthermore, plans call for raising product prices to reflect the higher cost of raw materials, after obtaining the understanding of customers.

Quality Policy
We are dedicated to the constant enhanc quality management system. We will always seek
improvements while supplying products that satisfy our customers and contribute to society and
environmental protection.

1. We will earn the trust and satisfaction of customers by pursuing even higher levels of quality.
2. We will prioritize direct communications with customers in order to quickly respond to requests involving quality and other issues.
3. We will conduct "Monozukuri" (the art of manufacturing) in a manner that makes effective use of the earth's limited resources.
4. We will maintain a sound operating base through constant reviews of business processes and operating expenses.
5. We will develop and make improvements to building materials for safe and healthy living environments.

Environmental Policy
We will make environmental issues a central element of our operations. We will play a part in creating a recycling-based society through the development, manufacture, import and sale of MDF products.
Our goal is to help protect forest resources while creating attractive living environments that are even more comfortable and healthy.
And we will maintain an environmental management system to protect the global environment, and make continuous improvements to that system to contribute to society through our "Monozukuri" and "Services".

1. To protect the environment, we pledge to prevent pollution by strictly adhering to all environmental laws and regulations, industry directives,customer demands and other requests, as well as by establishing voluntary standards where necessary.
2. Product development will reflect the need to establish a recycling-based society.We will effectively use recycled materials to supply products that are kind to people and earth.
3. This environmental policy will be disseminated to all employees and throughout the HOKUSHIN organization.Additionally, constant actions will be taken to raise employeesf awareness of environmental issues.
4. Company-wide actions will be taken, and continuous improvements made, to conserve resources and energyand reduce the generation of waste materials in order to prevent pollution.
5. HOKUSHIN will make this environmental policy and information concerning its environmental activities readily available to the public.